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What's NEW
Friday - September 22, 2023
Current Articles

Got Bergs? - BergWatch - Iceberg Monitoring.
(May 1, 2004)

Again this year, we invite you to join our BergWatch Observers Team. To submit a sighted berg, simply click on the location of the sighting and then specify the size and shape by using our handy identification charts.

Please make note of any distinguishing features of interest i.e. blue streaks, tunnels, gravel imbedded, unusual pinnacles, resembles a chicken, etc. It is also helpful if you can provide a status report on the iceberg i.e. calved or foundered, grounded or moving with wind. We also welcome pictures of bergs in digital format. Please e-mail them to team@eberg.ca

Please note that berg sites are not always verified, and can founder and break at any time. Prior to making a trip to see them, we suggest you contact tourism authorities in the pertinent area.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE LIKE THIS Submitted Photo of the week.
(September 22, 2023)

Here is a Photo submitted by one of our eBerg Visitors.

If you would like to submit a photo to eBerg and have it displayed in our Newfoundland Gallery upload your photo to: UPLOAD A PHOTO

When submitting, please include your Name and the area the photo was taken.

Feel like contrubuting?

Upload your Newfoundland & Labrador Photos

eBerg has reprogrammed the Photo Gallery. You can now upload your photos right from you browser. Please include as much information as possible about the photo such as location and description.

Submit your Website - (A SEARCH FOR ALL WEBSITES of NEWFOUNDLAND ) (Ongoing)

eBerg is developing a searchable database of Newfoundland Links.

A Business?
A Town/City Website?
A Personal Site?

We encourage you to submit your link into our database.


We're trying to expand our editorial content and are looking to our reader's assistance. We're looking for columns, fiction, essays, photographers and coffee-fetchers. In particular, we'd really like a cooking and romantic help columnist. If you have something you'd like to contribute to eberg.ca, an idea for a column or anything else to contribute, please write us at team@eberg.ca

We can give you the opportunity to reach over 20,000 expatriate Newfoundlanders each and every week. Remember that this site serves people from the Rock, so ensure your itinerant pen makes reference to our rich culture, storied history and smashing good looks.

Various Archived Articles

Salvage named among Canada's 10 prettiest towns
(March 22, 2002)

Now the rest of the country knows about the jewel of the Eastport Peninsula.
Harrowsmith Country Life recently named Salvage one of its Top 10 prettiest towns across Canada.

We'll put the kettle on - but aren't holding our breath.
(February 1, 2002)

We'd really like to thank all of our readers for their input on our query about returning home to Newfoundland and Labrador.

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